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  The objective of providing a R.E portal for the Pakistan Real estate industry.
It is more cost effective to grow your business by increasing revenue and referrals from existing clients than in pursuing new clients. And a subscriber list of your business relationships is on very valuable asset for your business. Here are some benefits of Newsletters:

» Enhances your company’s reputation and increases lead generation.
» Increases the lifetime value of your clients.
» Very cost-efficient and cost-effective communication channel with your clients.
» Provides instantaneous tractable results.
» Opens the opportunity for your clients to easily and immediately interact with you and for you to promote dialog with your clients.
» Quickly identifies undeliverable so an effort can be made to correct them and resend them.
» Is much more cost efficient than a printed newsletter because of the significant savings in time, printing and mailing costs.

You already recognize that an email newsletter is an effective marketing tool to help to increase sales. Regular communication with clients and prospects is essential to increase your revenues over time. But if the results are not living up to your expectations, step back and ask yourself.

  Our research team that specializes in providing strategic advice and consultancy services.
  Market Studies
Demand Analysis
Supply Analysis
Rent Comparability Studies
Land Appraisals
Property Condition Reports
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Here are some ground guidelines about property evaluation. A large
number of land property rights reforms, including land formalization and titling projects, are taking place around the world today.
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