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If you are presently considering an investment in rental properties, be sure you do some thorough research. It’s important for the property investor to gather adequate information before committing to rental property ownership. Searching the internet, reading real estate publications, attending seminars, and speaking personally with property investors is a great beginning that will place you on the road to making a wise, informed decision. Starting up a business is a little like real estate investment. Knowing the facts and putting time into the purchase gives you a much greater chance of success. Doing your homework can prevent disastrous property investment decisions.

Pakistan, like many countries worldwide, is booming in the property sector. The prices are only escalating. Investors are targeting places like Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Islamabad for property due to the prices valuing at million US$. In fact, a house like Gulberg with just one kanal is sold for Rs. 200,0000 with an increase by Rs.300, 0000 for a two-kanal house, and the like. The property prices, compared to what they were 5 years back, have more than tripled. People are holding the properties for the price to move up even higher in future.

Many people are entering into the market with buying properties. Investments are being made in projects that would take a few years for development. On the city outskirts, many housing complexes are forthcoming; the houses valued in lakhs. Still, people are not interested in selling them off. This is because is a selling pressure is seen, the prices will deflate and there will be a sharp correction in property prices. Instead, people are opting for loans to enter the property market, but since the interest rates on these loans are high, and people are holding, and not selling the properties, there have been many cases of defaults. This is a major concern.

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Here are some ground guidelines about property evaluation. A large
number of land property rights reforms, including land formalization and titling projects, are taking place around the world today.
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