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  Our research team that specializes in providing strategic advice and consultancy services.
  Market Studies
Demand Analysis
Supply Analysis
Rent Comparability Studies
Land Appraisals
Property Condition Reports
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Featured Agents
Estate Agents
If you are thinking of buying a property in Pakistan then our estate agent directory
If you are thinking of buying a property in Pakistan then our estate agent directory
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Here are some ground guidelines about property evaluation. A large
number of land property rights reforms, including land formalization and titling projects, are taking place around the world today.
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Knowledge Bank
Survey Property
How to Survey Property Like a Professional and save yourself thousands of Rupees Every Year!
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Property Focus
We focus on recent
developments in intellectual proerty and their effect on the
life science industry.
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Investment Guide
Our Investment guide offers customized financial advice, facts investment planning and real estate financial planning.
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What’s Inside
News Letter
Welcome to Pak RealEstate newsletter. With this newsletter, which will be sent monthly.
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Property prices have gone up an average 25 percent around Pakistan over the last five years.
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City Report
The purpose of the report is to evaluate different segments of the local realestate market.
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Pak RealEstate.com is your best source to latest pakistan real estate and property news.
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